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Coming On: 25 Sep 2018

Afternoon Creampie For My Favorite Fuck-Buddy

Anytime Gracelynn needs her sexual needs fulfilled she gives me a call and we hit the bedroom. This time she showed up is sexy purple lingerie with her pussy aching for cock. Enjoy the pictures of us fucking and imagine yourself living our dream.
Coming On: 09 Oct 2018

Surprise Creampie "You're Supposed To Ask Me, Where Do You Want Me To Cum"

My favorite friend comes over when ever she needs her sexual needs filled, this time she didn't want her pussy filled with cum though. :) Gracelynn showed up horny and after half an hour of amazing sex, I pumped her pussy full of cum as she was climaxing. She later chewed me out... oops.
Coming On: 23 Oct 2018

Tied, Whipped, Ass-Fucked, Pussy-Fucked, And Creampied

Chastity Leigh needed to be punished and what better way than to tie her to the bedpost, whip her, ass-fuck her, and then cum in her cunt.
Coming On: 06 Nov 2018

Anal Slut Whipped And Fucked

Chastity needed a whipping and a good hard ass-fucking so I tied her to the bedpost and took my sweet time punishing this nasty little slut.