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Kitchen Fun With My Roommate Turns Into A Bedroom Creampie

The more my roommate, Kat Cummings, teased me while making pie, the more I wanted to make my own pie inside her sweet hairy pussy. And lucky for me, as soon as she had the pie in the oven, we headed to the bedroom to make a pie of a different kind,

Roommate Gives Me A Quick Blowjob Before Dinner

The only thing I like eating more than my roommates cooking is my roommate's sweet hairy pussy so when she said we had time before dinner for a quick blowjob, I took the opportunity to return the favor and enjoy the flavor of Kat's sweet Latina pussy.

Pies For Everyone - Roommate Gets A Creampie

My roommate loves to cook and she also loves attention so she's always teasing me as she cooks. This time I took her up on her wood and as soon as she had the cream pie in the fridge, I took her to the bedroom and gave her a creampie of her own.

Oral Sex With My Roommate Before Dinner

Kat finished the soup and all it needed was a little time to simmer... an oral sex quickie was in order. Off to the bedroom and down with the pants then plenty of cunt-munching and cock-sucking before the soup burns. Love Kat's sweet hairy pussy before dinner.

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Gracelynn Moans and I had been traveling all day and when we got to the cabin, we couldn't wait to get in each other's pants. But the wait was worth it. Watch as Gracelynn and I take our sexual frustration out on each other, climaxing together in this homemade creampie video.

Buttsex Orgasms, Ass To Mouth, And Anal Creampie With My Beautiful Blonde Neighbor

Not sure how many times I got Gracelynn Moans to cum but I know that she was cumming just before she begged me to cum in her tight little ass. Gracelynn lives just a short walk from me and often shows up without warning. This time she she came for one thing and one thing only... she wanted to be ass-fucked.

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The girls decided to wear anal plugs to dinner and watching then stuff the black rubber plugs up their tight little assholes left me with a throbbing cock. Luck for me, the girls gave me a quick blowjob before we left for dinner. Hope you enjoy our evening as much as we did.

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Gracelynn and just arrived at the cabin for the weekend and we couldn't wait to get in each other's pants. Starting in the front room, we then moved to the bedroom where I pumped my best friend and lover's pulsating climaxing pussy with my warm sticky cum.