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Coming On: 24 Jan 2017

Interracial Threesome - Anal Camping Adventure Part 1

Gracelynn Moans and I have taken a number of new girls camping with us but none quite so naughty as our amazing ebony lover Ms. Bonnie Humphrey. It was a beautiful summer day and we arrived early. After a short hike, we returned to the tent for a little fun. Fun that lasted nearly two hours and included such pleasantries as kissing, caressing, cunnilingus, fellatio, analingus, anal fingering, and plenty of pussy and ass-fucking. Enjoy the pics, we sure enjoyed making them. :)
Coming On: 24 Jan 2017

Horny MILF Gets Rough Ass Fuck

Go ahead... Imagine it's your cock pounding Gracelynn Moans' tight little asshole as you watch me brutally ass-fuck this nasty blond MILF. But make sure you warm her up first! That's right, Gracelynn loves rough anal sex but not unless you take a minute or two for anal foreplay and stretch her tight little ass a bit before stuffing a huge throbbing cock balls deep in her shitter.
Coming On: 31 Jan 2017

Hardcore Colorado Camping - Part 1 (Warming Up)

Another beautiful weekend here at Real Colorado Girls so I took two of my favorite naughty sluts camping and WOW! Nearly two hours of pussy-eating, cock-sucking, ass-fucking fun. In "Part 1" you get to watch as I warm my salt-and-pepper lovers up with plenty of kissing, fingering, oral sex, and fucking. Enjoy the warm up and I'll post part 2, including the hardcore ass-fucking and anal creampie. Stay tunes. :)
Coming On: 31 Jan 2017

Rough Ass-Fuck For A Sexy Blonde MILF

Gracelynn Moans loves a good ass-fuck and if you ass-fuck her rough enough, and let her finger her pierced clit at the same time, you might even experience her cumming with your cock in her tight little asshole. Of course, fucking her sweet cunt is fun too so that's where I deposited my load, balls deep in her puffy cunt.